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Tips Before Job

Before you want to TAKE MY JOB,youd better know:

*What is tattoo basically.How it works? Color or monoome? Is it painful? Who the tattooists are the best in the field in China? their styles? Of course you could write me for suggestion.

*What do you want your tattoo be like? Sketch, oil paiting, Chinese monoomes, engraving, totem etc.? You could write me for suggestion.

*After you know what you really want,you must know which tattooist is the best to express your idea.There are no more than 50 tattoo artists whom I think good. I linked them to my web,have a look at their pieces, I think you might better underst your need.

If you insist to work with me after all your careful thought ion,please click here to know about my procedure rate.

If you agree with my procedure my rate,lets cheers for our cooperation in no time.

I also need your HELP to better underst your need:

Let me know WHAT you want me to ink.It could be human,Buddha,carp,dragon,tiger etc..

Provide 10-20 pictures that you like.Whatever it is, no matter what form is, architecture,costume,cuisine,sculpture,painting.they can help me know your preference.

Finally let me know your idea what you want to express through the job, its very important, because it inspires me in deep mind.






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